Elliott Ives offers styles that are classic, casual and built for everyday comfort. Made for a customer that’s sophisticated but not showy, Elliott Ives frames appeal to practical sensibilities with thoughtful details that are more timeless than trendy. They’re the perfect fit for anyone seeking affordable, designer quality frames that suit a laid-back style. At the heart of our Elliott Ives collection is a leisurely lifestyle inspired by the natural world. Each season we’ll reflect on earthy hues and flattering details born from the great outdoors.

Elliott Ives also features special segments for a more tailored eyewear experience:

Our AdaptaFit styles feature a memory metal alloy that provides increased flexibility for a better, more comfortable fit.

Our AmplFit styles feature wider fits with extended headspace and flex hinges to accommodate broader faces.

Our titanium models are super lightweight and durable, while also creating a hypoallergenic metal option.